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Hi, I’m Monil Bhardwaj. Founder of the ‘The Big Leap’ marketing consultancy. This is my story of how this all started. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna bore you with ” one day I woke up and suddenly realised I should start my own company” crap. All this had a very overwhelming process which you are about to witness.

Let’s get started. Oh, but before we start, let me tell you something, in case you think this is going to be a story of an extraordinary guy who had an extraordinary life, drop that thought. Grab some popcorn as you are going to experience the exact rollercoaster ride that I experienced.

Did I tell you guys that I’m an engineer? You read it right. “Man! another engineer, can’t these guys just follow their respective fields for once?” you must be thinking and you’re right. Do you know what they say? want to know what your dream is? join an engineering college.

Like every other student who’s into engineering all I wanted was ” job mil Jaye bass, fir life set hai” little did I know it’s going to turn out to be a nightmare for me. After completing my engineering, I landed a job. Now, things started to take a turn. I was working with one of the top (read fortune 7) companies at that time. I loved coding but yet, I didn’t feel like coding was something I could continue with for the rest of my life. So, I gave CAT (I know you guys are having a Deja Vu) and joined IMI, New Delhi for my MBA. I finally found the love of my life here, sales and marketing. What were you guys thinking?

After my post-graduation, the same loop of the corporate job began again. I worked with Wipro, Adobe and Aspiring Minds – SHL (my last corporate job). Anybody who has fallen in love knows how blood-sucking it can be sometimes; sales and marketing was no exception. “This can be better, let’s do it this way” man I was exhausted. If we can ever travel back in time, I bet, sales and marketing people will even make Picasso improve his paintings.

I closed a really big deal for my company and in commission, I earned just 1% of it. Not that I had a problem with the amount I earned, but I realized, the amount of hard work that I had put in for this company, what if I put the same amount of hard work, if not more on something of my own?

This idea was constantly hitting my head when Corona hit us! For introverts, it was like heaven, but for an extrovert like me, it was miserable. Talking to clients over the virtual meeting and watching suits were what my usual ‘quarantined day’ looked like. Oh, by the way, did I mention Harvey Spectar is someone I look up to?

Corona has hit us so badly that many small-scale businesses like pottery, women who weave cloth pouches, start-ups or any other business for that matters has suffered a great loss. Everybody including me knows the feeling of giving it your all and not seeing the results. I decided to help these businesses and myself by taking them down the digital road. I felt this was the perfect opportunity to apply whatever I have learned throughout. 

Wearing different hats at the same time made me realise that a business is not just about sales and marketing. The next task was to name my company. I knew I wanted it to be something deep, something people can connect with and something that reflects my journey. When I looked back, I saw that I have taken many jumps in life, from leaving a fortune 7 company to join MBA, to leaving Adobe to join a start-up. This was the time I wanted to take the Big Leap! 

After a lot of blood and sweat, I have come a long way and I’m proud to say that. I have fallen, I have picked myself up, I have built myself from scratch. I have learned a lot and applied those lessons. I’m finally doing something that I believe in.

To make this happen I need your support as well. No business can grow without its happy and satisfied customers. At ‘The Big Leap’ we not only aspire to help your business grow but also to make true and genuine connections by keeping complete transparency. We have a long way to go and you joining us in this venture will make it a lot of fun and easy.

Remember there’s never a perfect timing. The time to take the Big Leap is now.

Thanks for reading,
Monil Bhardwaj

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  1. Shreyas Deshpande says:

    Really inspiring ..
    Those who don’t jump will never fly 🦋

  2. Yuvraj says:

    That’s certainly a big leap.

    All the very best Champ 🙂

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